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Express Your Love

Both men and women like to hear words of love and romance.

It seems to come easily when we're young or the first time around.

Not as easily later in life or the second time around.

At JustSayYesToLove we are here to support your successful

relationship journey in many ways
teaching you a profound system of relationship dynamics

  1. guiding you to where serious, thoughtful adults are to be found, as well as
  2. inspiring you to connect with the spark that makes the flame glow

Express Your Love is a complete resource section of love poems, love songs, and love quotes.

It is there to inspire you, and give you wonderful ideas that not only express how you feel but make someone you're interested in pay attention to you.

Unfortunately much of the romance has gone out of our culture but the need for it still burns.

Members of JustSayYesToLove have full access to this and many other wonderful resources that help to ignite the love and make it burn a lifetime. JOIN US TODAY.

My Love

by George Barlow

My Love is as the rose, her lips
Are sweeter than the buds the bee
In booming condescension sips,
Each stray of hair that sideways slips,
Is dearer than ten crowns to me.

My Love is as the lily, white
And pure and passionate, lithe and tall,
I dream of her the livelong night,
And see her towering, golden bright,
Beside the old grey garden wall.

My Love is as the violet,
Most fair and modest, in the shade
She sits, 'tis long since we have met,
Aud therefore both my eyes are wet,
And all my heart in motion made.

My Love is as the meadow-sweet,
The odour of her hair is good,
And round about her passing feet
Enchanted flowers you may meet,
The grass is green where she hath stood.

My Love is as the golden corn,
Her hair it waveth in the wind,
Before her face delight is born;
Attendant roses of the dawn
Behind her footstep you may find

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