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Creativity & Inspiration

It is imperative that you pursue your creative impulses. Whether it is building cars, trains, or boats, decorating, stamp collecting, gardening, painting, woodworking, sawing, knitting, cooking, pottery, sculpture, brewing, bird watching, - it is something that can interest, inspire, and motivate you.

Many of these creative impulses are unintentionally 'damaged' in us at an early age by critical, judgmental relatives and friends.
In order to stop the embarrassing comments, the comparisons, we believe them, and stop doing things we love.

Yet it is these very things that make us unique, bring out our dynamic energies, and make us interesting people.

Many highly successful people used their creative impulses to build thriving companies. For you, what may start out as an interest or hobby can easily become a second source of income or a brand new career.

When is the best time to go back to these creative impulses?


By joining JustSayYesToLove you have access to a growing database of information that points you to all the resources necessary to make your creative journey easy and successful.

Here are some usual and unusual ideas to stimulate your desire:

Good Things Come In Small Packages

In the West, Haiku poetry is a Japanese import that is almost as well known as Sushi. One is food for the body, the other, for the soul. Haiku are known for their brevity - just three short lines, totaling seventeen syllables. They are as short as a breath. And good ones take your breath away. A Haiku poet lives with the understanding that "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."


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