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Would you like to meet people who like the opposite sex and have healthy, truly affirming views about them?
We make it possible.

What you want and get in a partner is limited only by what you believe is possible. These possibilities are determined by your perceptions of others and relationships.

Great relationships require your perceptions to be affirming,
free of the assumptions, omissions and misperceptions that are mostly based on past experiences.

At JustSayYesToLove you will have the opportunity to asses your perceptions and if necessary, be guided in creating affirming, dynamic possibilities.

People  have 3 ways of "looking" at potential partners –

  1. Through our physical eye – we see physical chemistry
  2. Through our mind's eye – we see wealth, fame, power, career, personality, interests
  3. Through our heart's eye – we see inside the heart of another person

Whether you use the physical, or mind's eye exclusively, or both, to gauge attractiveness, your relationships success will be slim. How do we know this? Just look at the 50% divorce rate, using these "two eyes".

Members on JustSayYesToLove are learning that using their heart's eye needs to be a priority.

The Human Heart vs. The Computer

In the 21st Century it has become clear that what is inside a human being's heart can never be translated to a computer program. What can be done is to make sure that people develop their ability to listen to the messages coming from their own heart and the hearts of others. is the only website that offers to help you develop your ability to make intelligent, heartfelt relationship decisions for yourself. You can learn to ‘match yourself' better then any computer.

Mastering Relationship©, our copyrighted system, teaches members to find and build a lasting relationship. It is an inspired and compassionate combination of the latest in human development knowledge and technology.

And you can take what you learned with you – wherever you go.

To paraphrase Einstein - "The simpler the better". Mastering Relationships© is the simplest and most powerful approach for relationship preparation and success.


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