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I'm not looking for a long-term relationship. Is for me? is more than just an online "dating" site. JustSayYesToLove is a community of like-minded adults seeking to learn what makes relationships work so that eventually they can have successful long-term relationships. We don't recommend it for those who aren't at least interested in learning how to establishing meaningful relationships. If you are only interested in having short term dating experiences, we suggest you try the
 many  online dating sites for that. Then, when you are ready to learn, grow and find quality relationship, we'll be here waiting for you!

Is there a way I can follow my own progress and growth?
Yes, you can. We have a wonderful, private area which you can use for journaling, record your dating experiences, update your 'blueprints' of what you want from relationships, the opposite sex, etc.

How do I submit a Success Story?
It's very easy.
Just Click here for assistance.

What's the cost and benefits of a subscription to
We have included so many member benefits that it makes little sense to not to join. You'll find many useful features, all designed to assist you in your process of finding your perfect match.
Click here to review the many benefits of a subscription.

What are the renewal rates?
To ensure you enjoy uninterrupted premium service, our one, three, six month and one year subscriptions will be auto renewed.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?
Click here for information on gift certificates.

How does your Mastering Relationship System work?
You will learn how to identify someone with whom you're truly compatible, and learn to build and keep this relationship! Keep in mind, overnight successes usually don't exist in a search for true love. We'll work with you to find a long-term relationship, so be patient. Utilize our tools and tips, and you'll find long-term success.
Click here for additional information.

How long will it take to begin connecting with the right matches?
Finding the right person and getting to know them can take time. Partnering with us for 3 -12 months is the best way to increase your chances of locating your perfect match! It's also the best value. However, we've created several membership plans to accommodate everyone's needs.

How do I increase my matches?
At JustSayYesToLove we help you to focus on quality vs. quantity. To identify those who are potentially life time partners. To get better and better matches keep adjusting your 'blueprints' of what you want in a person and a relationship, and use every opportunity to communicate about what you want and need.

Are there age requirements for
Yes. All members must be 18 or older. However, since our members are seeking long-term relationships, most are 25-65 years of age.

How do I edit my profile?
Click here to edit your profile. It's easy!

I don't have a digital camera! What should I do?
Take your image to a friend or a business (Kinko's is great) that has the ability to scan the image and put it on a disk. You'll then be able to upload it to our site. We can accept images by mail, but this will extend the time your profile is without a picture.

Do I need to have an image?
You aren't required to have an image, but it's highly recommended. A profile with an image is likely to be browsed 10 times more often than those profiles without images. Keep in mind, you can always hide and manage who sees your image. So again, we recommend you add your image.

Can I hide my profile?
You may hide your profile (or images) from other members, allowing you to manage the process of finding your perfect match more completely. If you no longer wish your profile to be viewable on the site, be sure to select "Edit My Profile" and click on "Make My Profile Invisible."

How do I resign my account?
You may resign your subscription at anytime: Simply login, select "My Account Settings" and click on "Resign." Your resignation will be effective on your paid-through date.

Can I search for matches myself?
By selecting the preferences and characteristics of your perfect match, you can conduct an unlimited number of searches. You can save up to two of these "searches." Start with zip code, age and gender. You can further narrow your search with physical characteristics, lifestyle practices and relationship desires. Try a variety of searches; you never know where you'll find your perfect match!

How are the emails I send to other members anonymous?
You must use your secure login identification and password in order to send or receive email through Members will only have access to the information you provide on your profile. Personal information is NOT included.

Do you share my information with anyone?
We don't share any account information with third parties. All information you provide for your account/profile stays with Additionally, JustSayYesToLove has been approved by TRUSTe, the leader in online privacy issues.

Is secure? supports the very latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Your credit card data is encrypted during transmission, making it effectively impossible to intercept.

What if I don't have a username and password?
You will not be able to enter the 'Members Only' area of the website. To create a username and receive your password you must join

What if I forgot my username and/or password?
We can email them to you in minutes. Just enter your email address in the field under "Forgot My Password".

What if the screen says "Username Not Found" or "Incorrect Password?"
You must enter the same username or password that you originally submitted to us. Remember, if you had spaces when you first selected your username, use them again now. To have them emailed to you, enter your email address in the field under "Forgot My Password".

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